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About Pashmina

PASHMINA is an unique woolen product of Nepal. It is made of high quality wool derived from high altitude mountain goats, widely known as “Chyangra”. Earlier pashmina was used only in domestic market, but after the development of tourism in Nepal, foreigners have had a chance to be acquainted with this High Quality Woolen Product and now Nepali pashmina has already acquired world-wide fame. Many of the foreign tourists visit Nepal specially to acquire and to be acquainted with these specific Nepali pashmina products. High quality pashmina is generally used to weave shawl, especially for ladies, blankets and scarves. It can also be used for other purposes like fine fabrics for suits, jackets (ladies and gents), bed-sheets, curtain clothes etc and weaving is done manually using traditional equipment called Hand-loom. One of the main characteristics of pashmina is that, being far thinner than normal wool, it is at the same time much warmer than any ordinary woolen products.

Process of Pashmina

Following process are considered for making pashmina:
Pashmina Wool Harvesting
Filtering Soft Wool
Opening Wool (packed together Wool)
De-hearing and Carding Wool (TOP...